An Evangelical Free Church in Cary, NC

Sermons on Obedience

“Wealthy, but not rich”

Jesus called people to follow Him. Why? Because He loves people and does not want them to perish. He is the only one who can give new life, satisfaction, and everlasting joy. In this encounter, the young rich man asks what he must do to inherit eternal life. Jesus’ answer reveals the man’s idolatry of riches- he went away sad, because he was unwilling to part with his possessions in order to follow Christ. Are you willing to offer your life to Jesus? He calls each of us to die daily, by taking up our cross and following Him.

“A Holy God uses unholy people to display his grace and glory”

From Exodus 3, we see that Moses followed God’s call, by first responding “Here I am.” Despite several excuses, failures, and sins, God used Moses in a to lead God’s people. God can do the same in your life as you seek to serve Him. Remember that God is the one who strengthens and equips…