9:30 – 10:30 a.m.
Sunday Morning

Children are grouped with others close to their age for concentrated Bible study, application and fellowship. These classes use curriculum to study God’s word with focus and fun! Bible stories and real life application are both included.

Students in both the Middle School class and the High School class study God’s Word and His will for their lives in a small group setting where the students have the opportunity to share their concerns and pray for one another. A lesson and discussion format allows the students to study the Bible “in-depth”, and develop a personal Christian worldview.

STUDENT LEADERS GROUP-  A group of our middle school and high school students are meeting twice monthly on Sundays, from 4pm-6pm, to learn and practice sharing their faith in Christ.  Currently we are using the material from Dare2Share.  The group is led by Mr. Steve MacDermut and Kayla Schlipf.