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Prayers for healing from Luke 8:26-56

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

In Luke chapter eight, Jesus healed several people of their afflictions: a Gerasene demoniac, a woman who had an issue of bleeding for many years, and he also raises a young girl who has just died. (Interestingly, the woman had suffered from the issue of bleeding for 12 years, and the young girl Jesus brought back to life was 12 years old.) As I was reading these accounts, it prompted me to pray for Christ’s healing for those who have similar afflictions or are in need of healing-

Loving Father, I pray today for those who are in need of your healing, whether it be spiritual, emotional, mental, or physical. When you healed the man who was plagued by numerous demons, he ended up sitting at your feet, clothed and in his right mind. I pray for those today who may be afflicted or oppressed by unclean spirits, or simply afflictions of the mind and spirit. I pray for those who may be tempted to self-harm, as he was. May you fill their mind and their heart with confidence. May they see their bodies as beautiful and significant; may they remember that they are created in your image, and recognize that you can put their mind as ease as they trust in you. I pray that you would drive out the unclean spirits and bring rest and peace to their minds. I pray for those who may be plagued by hurtful memories of things they have done or things they have suffered. Father, cleanse their minds by the blood of your Son and fill their hearts with your Holy Spirit. May they see themselves clothed in white, their sins washed away and their hearts as white as snow.

I pray today for those who may be like the woman who had the bleeding issue which she suffered from for many years. She spent all her money on physicians who could not solve the problem. I pray today for those who have been to doctors and spent much of their savings or income on finding treatments and cures. I pray they would not give up hope. I pray that they would not see themselves as outcasts–as this woman was–but that they would know you welcome them. I pray that no matter what physical condition someone might be in, through faith in you that they would know they are clean in your sight. I pray that you would grant healing to those with little faith, and I pray that you would increase the faith of those who struggle to believe. I pray especially for parents who have the burden of caring for chronically ill children over a long time. May they be reminded of your unlimited resources and that you hurt for them when they hurt for their children. You are moved by compassion for those who suffer in this way. Lord, I pray for people who suffer from cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Chron’s or other painful diseases. I pray that they would feel your power today–as that woman was healed simply by touching your garment. Jesus, your power is not limited to time or space, so I ask that you would send your healing touch to those in need today. I pray that those who are discouraged may continue seeking you, just as this woman was determined to get close to you and touch you. She knew you had the power to heal! May those who need healing today believe with the same boldness she did.

Jesus, I pray for those who are at death’s door, like the young girl whom you brought back to life. I pray for families who have loved ones in ICU, or on life support, or in trauma centers or burn units around the world. People around them, even doctors, may be telling family members, “Don’t bother anymore, it’s no use.” But you told the synagogue leader, “Don’t be afraid, only believe and she will be made well.” Lord, even when there seems to be no human hope, there is hope in you. You are the God of hope. Even when we are afraid–facing the worst things imaginable–we can still rest safely in you. You are the God of living, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Jesus you came to seek and to save the lost, and in your mercy you healed so many. I pray that your mercy would flow into the lives of people today–those who are in similar situations to the people you healed in biblical times.


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