An Evangelical Free Church in Cary, NC

Notes on Spiritual Gifts-

Evangelism- zeal and ability to share the gospel effectively

Prophecy- able to “forth-tell” God’s message in a way that edifies

Healing/Miracles- able to pray for and sometimes receive miraculously, not “on demand” healing.

Mercy-an ability to be gracious and care for others with empathy

Helps/Service-giftedness and joy in doing tasks that assist others

Hospitality-Gifted in hosting and making preparations for those in need

Wisdom/Discernment/Knowledge- Giftedness in giving counsel or
making difficult decisions. Able to see insightfully into situations.

Administration- giftedness in organizing, delegating, and managing.

Teaching- ability to communicate and instruct people, particularly in Biblical truth.

Tongues- gift of speaking in unknown languages

Interpretation– ability to interpret things spoken in tongues

Faith- a gift of believing God with strong conviction for the impossible

Discerning between Spirits- an ability to recognize things that are from
God or not from God.

Giving- an unusual joy and desire to give, financially or otherwise

Leadership- ability to direct others and communicate vision of what is needed for a group.

Celibacy- giftedness of remaining single


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