Church Family and Guests-

We are having in-person services at the church facility. The elders and I want you to know what precautions are in place.

Reminder– if you have been sick recently, or have symptoms of a fever, dry cough, or loss of taste and smell, we encourage you to stay home. Also, if you have health risk factors such as age, immune system compromise, or other existing medical conditions, we encourage you to stay home. 

10:45am Sunday Services
–Masks are optional.  We ask that you treat one another with charity, no matter your personal preference regarding masks. 

–The rear sanctuary doors will remain open to increase air flow through the building.

— Our janitorial service will be taking extra care to disinfect bathrooms and common surfaces.                                                                                             

–We will adjust our routine for serving communion so that the plates will not be passed from person to person.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and your gracious hearts,

Pastor Jim Folk, on behalf of the elders.