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“Verbal Homicide” Matthew 5:21-26


(click to listen, right click to download)  “Verbal Homicide” Jesus’ teaching always cuts right to a person’s heart. Like a master surgeon, he exposes the dark corners that need to be cleansed. We tend to categorize people into groups such as good vs. bad, convict vs. free, criminal vs. model citizen, etc.  However when categorizing others, […]

“Blessed are the Hated…” Matthew 5:10-12


“Blessed are the Hated” (click above to listen; right click to download) Persecution- the systematic and organized effort to oppress and harass Christians, is unavoidable if one is a serious follower of Jesus.  Enduring persecution is also genuine proof that someone is a committed disciple of Jesus Christ.  This message explains the reason and reality […]

Psalm 73- Journey to the Center of Your Heart


  Psalm 73- Journey to the Center of Your Heart (click to listen, right click to download) Do you really believe that God is good and just?  Doesn’t it make you envious when you see people doing wicked things with no consequences?  Doesn’t it bother you when people mock God and live proudly as if He […]