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“One Body, Many Gifts” 1 Corinthians 12:4-26


  “One Body, Many Gifts”(click to listen or download) You might think- “Can God really use me?”  The answer is YES! Each person has natural talents and abilities, which are given by God since mankind is created in God’s image.   But Christians also have spiritual gifts, given by the Holy Spirit to each person “as […]

Stewardship of Time- Part 1 (Psalm 90)


Stewardship of Time- Part 1 (click to listen or download) This message begins a 6-week series on Stewardship.  A Steward is one who manages the resources of another, in order to achieve the owner’s objectives.  Jesus calls his followers to be wise and faithful stewards who are doing the Father’s business when King Jesus returns. […]

Patience, not Perfection


Patience, not Perfection (click to listen, right click to download) Are you passing on a legacy of faith to your children, or are you pursuing a fortune? How do you respond in trials? When encountering struggles, what does your behavior communicate to your children? In this message Rev. Ken Aune explains the call upon fathers to […]

Self Control, or Holy Spirit Control?


Self-Control or Holy Spirit Control (click to listen, right click to download) The wise person knows how to stay calm, cool, and collected in difficult situations.  But is this attribute a power of the mind, the heart, or just good training?  In this message, Self-Control, or really Holy Spirit control, is contrasted with the behavior of […]

Building a Legacy of Faith- Proverbs 22:1-16


Building a Legacy of Faith (click to listen, right-click to download) We are called to pass the Christian faith on to the next generation- what a privilege and a responsibility!  This message explains how to be a parent in the family, (as well as being a spiritual parent) with our eyes are on Christ and not […]

“The Wise and the Foolish”


 “The Wise and the Foolish”. (Click to listen in new window or right-click to save). We begin a series on Proverbs with the goal of following Jesus with more intention and purpose.  The Scripture make clear that Christ is “the power of God and the wisdom of God.” Proverbs says that “the fear of the […]