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“Confession brings freedom”


Confession is not intended by God to bring us woe, or bring more feelings of guilt and remorse.  True Confession admits sins, recognizes sins as rebellion against God, and turns in repentance and faith to receive God’s grace.  Jesus is the only one who will not walk away from you when you confess your darkest sins.  […]

“Do Not Judge!” Does not mean what you think it means… (Matthew 7:1-6)


Do not judge… (click to listen or download) In the classic movie The Princess Bride, the incompetent villain Vizzini keeps uttering the word “INCONCEIVABLE!” whenever his nemesis, Wesley, passes test after test. Vizzini’s sidekick, Inigo Montoya, after noticing the pattern of “inconceivable” occurences, tells Vizzini, “You keep saying that word.  I don’t think it means […]

“People Get Ready” Matthew 3:1-12


People Get Ready (click to listen, right click to download) 400 years of silence.  The Jewish people had waited four centuries for a word from God, for a genuine prophet to announce the coming of Messiah.  John the Baptist is that key figure between the Old Covenant and the New Covenant.  He preached in the […]

“Who me? Baptize You?” Matthew 3:13-17


“Who Me, Baptize You?” (click to listen, right click to download) John the Baptist was astonished when Jesus came to be baptized by him; this was his relative after all (Luke 1:36).  Jesus did not have to be baptized for his own sin, so why did he ask John to do so?  In this encounter, we […]

“Faith and Obedience”- Matthew 21:23-32


Listen to Matthew 21:23-32 In this message we explore the parable Jesus told the religious leaders about two sons.  One son initially said that he would obey his father, but he did not.  The other son initially disobeyed, but regretted his choice and then did the father’s will.  Jesus told this parable to point out […]