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Home Show 101 (Matthew 7:24-29)


“Home Show 101” (click to play, right click to download) I searched the Downtown Raleigh Home Show 2020- and found hundreds of vendors for every item of home interior and exterior construction, but only one vendor serving the foundation!  Doesn’t that strike you as a bit odd?  In our spiritual lives- do we overemphasize the […]

“Christ Fulfills the Law”


Matthew 5.17-20 (click to listen, right click to download) ESPN college basketball analyst Fran Fraschilla described Villanova coach Jay Wright this way: “It’s fun to see him coach his team and give them the freedom to have success on both ends of the floor without his players worrying about making a mistake and being yanked out […]

The Motivation of Love


The Motivation of Love (click to listen, right click to download) How does the gospel message of Christ shape our motivations?  People often do the right thing, but for the wrong reason.  Or, they do the right thing out of a sense of duty or compulsion.  In this message, we see and hear Paul’s appeal […]

“Faith and Obedience”- Matthew 21:23-32


Listen to Matthew 21:23-32 In this message we explore the parable Jesus told the religious leaders about two sons.  One son initially said that he would obey his father, but he did not.  The other son initially disobeyed, but regretted his choice and then did the father’s will.  Jesus told this parable to point out […]