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Psalm 138- “Wholehearted Gratitude”


Psalm 138 is a prayer of thanksgiving.  In the midst of a hostile world of many “gods”, King David expresses his thanks to the one, true God for personal deliverance and provision.  He also expresses the hope and promise of other kings and people coming to know God personally. Everything we are, and everything we […]

“In Christ, On Mission” Part 1 Matthew 9:35-38


Christians often drift into a pattern of “doing things for God” instead of simply “being with God”.  When Jesus went to Mary & Martha’s house, he urged Martha to SLOW DOWN and rest, and to learn from him.  Mary had chosen to sit at Jesus’ feet and listen, while Martha was “distracted with much serving” […]

“Fasting or Celebration?” Matthew 9:14-17

Imagine a typical wedding faux pas: –One of the wedding party fainting during the ceremony… –An inappropriate toast by the best man… –Bringing an uninvited guest along with you… –Wearing the same dress as the brides maids when you are not a bride’s maid… Wouldn’t it be just as odd for an invited guest to […]