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“Jesus and our stubborn doubts” John 20.24-31


This Easter Sunday message focuses on the victory and hope Jesus gives for those who trust in Him.  Not only does has he conquered the grave, He conquers our doubts as well.  Some pesky doubts we may have all our lives, but when we choose to listen to the voice of our Savior when he […]

Isaiah 9:1-7 “Saved from What?”


First Sunday of Advent In this message from Isaiah 9:1-7 and Luke 1:67-79, Ken Aune teaches on the greatest human need- our spiritual need for a savior. The miracle and wonder of Christmas is that God the Father has met our greatest need by sending his Son Jesus Christ.  In Him there is eternal life.  […]

Psalm 138- “Wholehearted Gratitude”


Psalm 138 is a prayer of thanksgiving.  In the midst of a hostile world of many “gods”, King David expresses his thanks to the one, true God for personal deliverance and provision.  He also expresses the hope and promise of other kings and people coming to know God personally. Everything we are, and everything we […]