Sermons by Rev. Jim Folk

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“The Grace of our Lord overflows for me”


How Does God display his unlimited patience? In saving sinners- people whose hearts are corrupt by nature and by choice. Paul recounts for Timothy how he was a violent persecutor of the church before he met Christ on the Damascus road (Acts chapter 9). Paul considered himself “exhibit A” of sinfulness, and yet God had […]

“Who me, offended? That’s outrageous!” Matthew 11:1-19


“Who me, offended? That’s outrageous!” (Click to Listen, right click to download) Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers recently described his disillusionment with the Christian faith as a result of the “binary systems” it projects . Even though it may be culturally convenient to write off Christianity because of its exclusive claims to truth, right and […]

Prayer for Boldness


Christians generally pray that life would “go well”, or that we would not encounter too many problems.  Along those same lines, we often pray that God would deliver us from undesirable circumstances: illness, disease, financial pressures, relationship struggles or conflicts…you get the idea. In the book of Acts, when Peter and John were arrested and […]