Sermons by Martin McCorkle

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“Do Not Judge!” Does not mean what you think it means… (Matthew 7:1-6)


Do not judge… (click to listen or download) In the classic movie The Princess Bride, the incompetent villain Vizzini keeps uttering the word “INCONCEIVABLE!” whenever his nemesis, Wesley, passes test after test. Vizzini’s sidekick, Inigo Montoya, after noticing the pattern of “inconceivable” occurences, tells Vizzini, “You keep saying that word.  I don’t think it means […]

Psalm 73- Journey to the Center of Your Heart


  Psalm 73- Journey to the Center of Your Heart (click to listen, right click to download) Do you really believe that God is good and just?  Doesn’t it make you envious when you see people doing wicked things with no consequences?  Doesn’t it bother you when people mock God and live proudly as if He […]

Psalm 42- A Thirst for God


Psalm 42 (click to listen, right click to download) Where do you turn when you are depressed, or when your heart and soul is downcast? Do you recognize the real thirst for God in your heart? In today’s message, guest preacher Martin McCorkle explains how the pains of life will wreak havoc on our soul […]