“You Don’t Know it All”-Proverbs 3.1-12

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This message on Proverbs 3:1-12 will explain how humility is the foundation of a wise person’s outlook.  Not only humility before God, but humility before other people.

How do you handle correction or criticism?  Are you eager to seek out advice?

Listen to one man’s response:

“And so I try to listen to it, because I could be wrong. I could be reasoning poorly, I could be seeing facts poorly and so I really try. And it’s a balance, right? You don’t want to listen to all criticism or you’ll be overwhelmed and you’ll be crushed like a grape. But you want to listen to people that you know to be thoughtful and experienced, and so I’ve tried to listen to it.”

Interestingly they are the words of James Comey, former FBI director, commenting on the criticism he received for coming forward with a press conference about an investigation July 2016.

Do you surround yourself with thoughtful, wise, and experienced people?  The wise follower of Jesus humbles himself or herself before God and before others.

Our reasoning could be wrong, we could have our facts wrong, or we could be jumping to conclusions.  No matter what situation we are facing, we need to remember to stop and humble ourselves before God and recognize the people God has placed around us to help us mature into the character of Jesus Christ.