“Who Me, Baptize You?” (click to listen, right click to download)

John the Baptist was astonished when Jesus came to be baptized by him; this was his relative after all (Luke 1:36).  Jesus did not have to be baptized for his own sin, so why did he ask John to do so?  In this encounter, we see Jesus’ baptism from three perspectives: John the Baptist, Jesus, and God the Father.  Each one of these perspectives points to Jesus’ identity as God’s Son and also the promised Messiah.

Can you say today that God delights in you just as the Father delights in Jesus?  Can you say that your obedience to Jesus and to your heavenly Father is out of love and not just out of duty or a sense of obligation?  Do you listen to the voice and prompting of the Holy Spirit out of a genuine desire to do what is right and pleases God?  I invite you to listen to this message and contemplate your own relationship with God.  If you are trusting in Jesus Christ and his finished work, then the Father delights in you today.  That truth gives you freedom!