Continuing the series, “Cultivating a Thankful Heart”, we look at how complaints lead to ingratitude and bitterness.  The Israelites grumbled and grumbled, even though God continued providing for them (Exodus 16, Numbers 14).  The disciples grumbled to Jesus when he said–in reference to himself–“Whoever eats this bread will live forever.”  (John 6:61)  Christians are commanded to “Show hospitality without grumbling.”

What are some of the roots of grumbling?

  1. Impatience with God’s provision
  2. Fear of calamity, or irrational fear of change
  3. Sinful desire for prominence, which leads to resentment

We can overcome grumbling and complaining by focusing on the humility of Christ and giving thanks to God for his provision, salvation, and His promises for our future.

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