Stewardship of Time- Part 1

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This message begins a 6-week series on Stewardship.  A Steward is one who manages the resources of another, in order to achieve the owner’s objectives.  Jesus calls his followers to be wise and faithful stewards who are doing the Father’s business when King Jesus returns.

Time is one resource equally distributed to all people.  We bemoan not having enough time, but we continue to think we can fit “one more thing” into our schedules.  Progress comes with drawbacks.  For every supposed “convenience” that is intended to save time, we spend an equal or larger amount of time using, managing or fiddling with the product.

Psalm 90 shows how God is the LORD of time, and mankind’s life is very short compared with eternity.  We all feel the tension of the brevity of life and the urgency of our daily choices.  How can we “number our days” (v. 12) so as to make good use of the time we have?

Two parallel passages help in this regard:

Mark 2:23-3:6  “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath.” God gave us the gift of Sabbath (ceasing from work) so that our hearts and souls could be restored and refreshed on a weekly basis.  Do your weeks, your months, and your years have a rhythm of Sabbath?  Do you take a few quiet moments during each day to reflect on what God is showing to you?  God wants to use that time in our lives to help us SLOW DOWN.

Luke 10:38-42 “But Martha was distracted with much serving.” We must battle busyness by pursuing what is best.  Martha was not doing things that were wrong or sinful, but her mind and heart were not present with Jesus.  Mary chose to sit at the Lord’s feet and listen to his teaching.  Kevin DeYoung writes in his book Crazy Busy that the “One Thing You Must Do” is to spend time with God:

“God has given us all twenty four hours in every day.  It is the one resource distributed with complete equality.  And for the most of us, for the most part, we all do with those hours what we think is most important.  I wish I ran more, but apparently I value resting at home, or working late, or getting sleep more.  So the answer here is not simple willpower, ‘I must spend time with Jesus!’  That won’t last.  We have to believe that hearing from God is our good portion.  We have to believe that the most significant opportunity before us everyday is the opportunity to sit at the feet of Jesus.  We won’t rearrange our priorities unless we really believe this is the best one.”

Other Helpful Books: 

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