Many people want the benefits and blessings of salvation, but not the responsibilities of salvation.  But when you say “Yes” to follow Jesus, then by implication, you necessarily say “No” to other things. When Jesus saves someone, He loves that person too much to let him or her stay the same.  The reality of following Jesus is that He asks for our attention and devotion.  What might God be asking you to give up, in order to follow Christ more closely?

“Saying Yes, Saying No” (click to listen, right click to download)


Some may have to give up sinful habits, others may need to end relationships that were unhealthy.  People in majority Muslim countries or other places where Christians are persecuted will often have to give up contact with family members as a result of their profession of faith in Christ.

Is God calling you to give up watching certain movies, TV shows, or reading certain books?  Maybe God has convicted you about telling certain jokes that are offensive or hurtful.  The hidden blessing is that when we say “No” to the things God wants us to give up, we find that we are more alive in Christ!  Our spirit becomes more free from concerns or habits which really had no spiritual benefit.