“Resisting and Fleeing Temptation” (Various Passages)

It would be nice if an alert popped up on our smartphones whenever temptation was headed our way.

The bad news is that all of us at one time or another will fail when we are tempted.  We will give in; we will inevitably sin; we will take shortcuts and compromises; we will let other people down.  Ultimately, each one of us is responsible for the ways in which you and I give in to temptation or put other people in a tempting situation.

But that is not all.  

The good news is that Christ Jesus is there to help us.  When we do fail, he is there to forgive us. And more than that, he is there to strengthen us for the next time we are in a tempting situation.  We have victory in Jesus, which we appropriate by faith.  When we put on the whole armor of God (Ephesians 6) we are equipped to withstand Satan’s attacks.

Take Heart, sisters and brothers.  Sometimes you and I will sin by giving in to temptation. But more importantly, we have a savior who forgives us and strengthens us.