We are commanded as Christians to “put on the new self…”   How do we do that?  By remembering out identity in Christ and trusting in the power of the Holy Spirit.  By faith, we recognize our union with Jesus- that we are new creations, that we are continually being renewed in his image, and that we are called to display his love, mercy, and grace.  By yielding to him daily, we learn how to practice forgiveness, compassion, kindness, and love.

Complaints in the church are a given.  Complaints between Christians are common.  A complaint based on individual preference or personality style does not warrant forgiveness unless a clear sin has occurred.  We are called to overlook minor offenses. (“bearing with one another…”) However when a complaint arises which is due to a sinful offense, we are to seek forgiveness, or grant forgiveness.  When we are hesitant to forgive, and we are thinking there should be a limit to forgiving others, we need to ask ourselves the question: “How much has the Lord forgiven me?”

“Put on Compassionate Hearts…”