Are you a person who builds up other people in their faith, or are you someone who tears people down? It is essential to know the difference. Do you aim for harmony, or do you make sure everyone else knows exactly where you stand on every issue? What is your attitude towards those who differ from you?

On Building & Destroying (click to listen, rt. click to download)

In our personal choices, we can knowingly, or unknowingly, become an obstacle or a stumbling block to someone else.  If you invite someone who is a recovering alcoholic over for dinner, you probably should not serve wine!  If you have a friend who has struggled with compulsive gambling in the past, don’t suggest you play poker together online!  These situations may seem obvious, but a lot of conflict is generated between Christians for all kinds of choices: schooling, diet and nutrition, entertainment, worship styles, preaching methodology, etc.

We all need God’s grace in order to learn how to live together well.