Is your relationship with God based primarily on what you can do for Him, or is it based on what He has already done for you, is doing in you, and will do for you?

That is the difference between Religion and the Gospel.  Religion is about what people can do for God; how people seek for God, and how people strive to get close to God.

But the Gospel is about what God is doing through all history.  It is about what He has done for those who trust in Him through his Son Jesus Christ, and what God is doing in them through the Holy Spirit.  The Gospel is the good news which reveals God’s plan of salvation-offered to all nations and people.

This message focuses on the beauty, truth, and majesty of what God has done for those who have trusted in Him- He has made them alive, forgiven them completely, and has achieved final victory over all their enemies- now and forever.  Can you say “Amen” to those truths?

“Made Alive, Forgiven, and Triumphant”

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