Christians often drift into a pattern of “doing things for God” instead of simply “being with God”.  When Jesus went to Mary & Martha’s house, he urged Martha to SLOW DOWN and rest, and to learn from him.  Mary had chosen to sit at Jesus’ feet and listen, while Martha was “distracted with much serving” (Luke 10:38-42).

As Christians we need to remind ourselves of the good news- the gospel- that makes our hearts sing: you are loved by the creator of the universe and he calls you into relationship with Himself.  He forgives your sins and gives you a new heart, so that you can love Him and serve Him with joy.

This message focuses on the truth of being “In Christ” as a believer in Jesus.  Not only are we forgiven, but Jesus is committed to bringing healing to every part of our lives.

“In Christ, on Mission” Part 1

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