“Home Show 101” (click to play, right click to download)

I searched the Downtown Raleigh Home Show 2020- and found hundreds of vendors for every item of home interior and exterior construction, but only one vendor serving the foundation!  Doesn’t that strike you as a bit odd?  In our spiritual lives- do we overemphasize the construction of the “house” and neglect the foundation?

Every person builds their life on some kind of foundation.  Call it a belief system, rule of life, core values,  base of knowledge, etc.; every person has operating principles which direct his or her behavior.  The difference for the Christian is that he or she follows a person: the God-man Jesus Christ.  A Christian’s foundation is comprised of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, as well as his words and his teachings.   And we trust the Holy Spirit to renew our hearts daily to live for Jesus.

What is the difference between the two builders in Jesus’ parable?  It is not that one builder could avoid the storms.  It is not that one had better construction materials.  The wise builder heard Jesus words and obeyed them; that is, he put them into practice.

It is foolish to hear the words of Jesus and not obey them.

How did the crowds react?  The text says that they recognized his authority, because he was not speaking as the scribes- they often simply recited different Rabbis’ commentaries on the Torah.  Jesus was calling people to follow him- the Messiah!

This message speaks to our hearts- first, in surrendering to Jesus the Messiah, and second, to how we obey Jesus on a daily basis.  I hope you are encouraged and challenged by God’s word.

Blessings, Pastor Jim