“Faith chases out fear, and fear chases out faith.”

That is the way Dr. D.A. Carson summarized the experience of the disciples in the boat when Jesus calmed the wind and the waves. (Expositors Bible Commentary, vol. 8)

But there is a lot more going on in this passage than Jesus simply calming our fears.  Some people live with a “God-helps- me-out” mentality.  They only call upon him when they get into trouble or are overwhelmed by life’s circumstances.  But God desires to do more than just help us out from time to time.  He desires to rule our hearts so that we can learn what true freedom really  is.  In this passage Jesus is demonstrating his complete authority over nature, and over the demonic realm.  His call to the disciples, the townspeople, and to us today is to trust him.

“Fear or Faith?” (click to listen, right clock to download)

The disciples are beginning to see that he is the LORD.  But the townspeople in the Gadarenes want nothing more to do with Jesus.  It is almost as if they prefer having a manageable herd of pigs rather than having the savior transform lives in their community.  Some people live that way today.  They prefer the chaos of their own struggles more than the presence of the Savior.  they prefer the “known” chaos rather than the “unknown” promise of peace that Jesus offers.

Does Jesus promise to immediately solve our struggles?  Not always. But he does promise to be with us in the midst of the storm.