Christians have no shortage of issues to disagree about.  But when it comes to secondary matters that are not essential to the gospel and are not clearly sin, we need to allow one another freedom of individual liberty.

 Christian Liberty (Click to listen, right click to download)

These issues are called secondary matters: they could be issues of behavior, theology, church practice, or community and political involvement.  Those who sense the liberty in the Lord to drink alcohol, wear certain kinds of clothes, or be involved in certain community causes, have the responsibility to do so in a way that does not cause distraction or temptation for people who choose differently.  Likewise, those who choose to abstain from certain activities need to show patience and grace for those who have different convictions.  If we are serious about growing in in the likeness of Christ, we need to be open to how God uses people who think differently than ourselves to show us our need for grace.