Building a Legacy of Faith (click to listen, right-click to download)

We are called to pass the Christian faith on to the next generation- what a privilege and a responsibility!  This message explains how to be a parent in the family, (as well as being a spiritual parent) with our eyes are on Christ and not on the baggage that we bring to our parenting journey.

What are the insecurities of fears you subconsciously form in your children? How can you overcome the defeatist motto of “If it was good enough for me growing up, it’s good enough for my kids!”

We all have only one perfect parent- God himself.  He is the one who does not treat us as our sins deserve if we are in Christ.  He is the one who “remembers our frame” (Psalm 103:11-15) and takes our individuality into account every time.  God is the one who loves unfailingly, so that we can have a trusting relationship with Him day by day.

May Gop equip you with new eyes and a new heart as you parent, teach, coach, and influence those of the next generation.