“Blessed are the Hated”

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Persecution- the systematic and organized effort to oppress and harass Christians, is unavoidable if one is a serious follower of Jesus.  Enduring persecution is also genuine proof that someone is a committed disciple of Jesus Christ.  This message explains the reason and reality of persecution, as well as our response–even the ability to worship–in the midst of persecution.

Note: I misquoted one fact in the message:  In their book World Christian Trends: A.D. 30-A.D. 2200, David Barret and Todd Johnson estimate a total of 70 million Christian martyrs up through the year 2000; 45 million of which occurred in the 20th century.  I mistakenly said 45 million in 21st century.  The point in my message is that there were more Christian martyrs estimated during the 20th century than all previous centuries combined!