(click to listen, right click to download) “Are you a sin manager?”

In Matthew 5:27-32, Jesus teaches that adultery is not just the physical act of being unfaithful to one’s spouse, but it has to do with the intentions and thoughts of the heart and mind.  There is a connection between what we allow our eyes to dwell upon and the lustful thoughts that eventually are acted upon.

Culture today is very tolerant of all kinds of promiscuity. People see sexual expression outside of marriage as a source of self-fulfillment.  One author in The Telegraph describes a man and a woman (already married to others) who meet each other on a dating website:  They are in fact launching into a “playfair”, a 21st-century affair in which would-be adulterers meet, via specialist dating websites, to enjoy the excitement of an illicit relationship without any of the domestic fallout. No fallout?  Try explaining that to a teenager or young child whose parents divorced because of an affair, or to a woman in her forties whose husband has left her for a woman in her twenties.

Christians as well have become tolerant of simply managing sin so that it might not disrupt other aspects of life.  People hide addictions to pornography, married partners hide their chats on dating sites, and some escape into romance novels to feed their sinful fantasies.

God designed the “one flesh” union between a man and a woman to be permanent.  If someone is looking for reasons to divorce his wife, instead of looking for ways to reconcile and build up his marriage, his heart is already in the wrong place.  Adultery is a sin that causes a lot of collateral damage.  Therefore we should do all we can to stay faithful and encourage one another in purity.  Whether single or married, what drastic measures are you willing to take to remain sexually pure?  Are you willing to be ridiculed by the broader culture in order to preserve your marriage?  Are you willing, as a husband or a wife, to serve your spouse by engaging in regular intercourse?  Are you willing to live with “no secrets”- keeping your phone and your online habits open for your spouse to see?