“To know Christ, and to make him known”

That is the mission of the Navigators ministry.

Every Christian has been given a divine stewardship– a trust and a responsibility- to know Christ and to make him known.  In this message, as we look at Paul’s explanation of the stewardship God had given him for the Colossians, we see both the suffering and the joy of making Christ known to others.

If you are a Christian, do you see yourself as someone who has been entrusted with the message of Christ and that by sharing his message you will suffer rejection or persecution?  If not, recognize that as God’s adopted child, you are also his ambassador.  God has given you the message of Christ and placed you in circumstances and positions where no one else is able to go.  He has uniquely gifted you to share Christ’s message with those around you, even if it may cost you.  You have a story to tell, and you have love to give.  As Romanian Pastor Josef Tson has said, “I know that my life is only training for glory.” Why not share the love of Christ today?

“A Divine Stewardship”

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