On Saturday Sept. 18, at 5:30pm, Trinity is hosting a pizza dinner followed by the movie “In His Image”.  Produced by American Family Studios, this film gives an urgent message designed to equip the church to answer controversial questions about gender and sexuality from a biblical perspective.  The film features authors and doctors Michael Brown (Ph.D.), Michelle Cretella (M.D.), and Sean McDowell (Ph.D.).  The film also highlights several ministries which serve those struggling with same-sex attraction or gender identity questions.  There are several compelling personal testimonies included.  The main film is 90 minutes, and it includes a “Common Questions” feature which lasts about 35 minutes.

We encourage you to come with an open heart and learn how we as followers of Christ can speak and minister with compassion in our hurting world.  The biblical perspective is clearly presented, so this is also an opportunity to invite a friend or neighbor who has questions about these topics.

If you plan on coming, RSVP by September 16 with the number of people in your family to Florence.